The Willow Tree Scholarship

The Wall POV Project’s, “Willow Tree Scholarship,” was established in 2018 in honor of Mr. Lieu Van Pham.  


Lieu was a refugee from Vietnam, who upon arriving to the United States worked multiple laborious jobs to support his family of six.  Working during the day and taking college courses at night, Lieu eventually earned an Associates Degree, and later became a technician fixing pagers for a local business.  He kept his custodian position at night, and continued to work two full time jobs for more than twenty-five years.


Well educated in a war-torn country, Lieu immensely valued school and frequently reminded his children the value of education.  He expressed that education, knowledge, and free thought were things no one could take away from an individual.


The name Lieu means “willow” in Vietnamese and The Willow Tree Scholarship is dedicated to the memory of his adaptability through challenges, and ideals for continual self-growth and learning.

The Wall POV Project

The inspiration behind The Wall POV Project started with a single, monumental connection between two individuals.  


Strangers at first, best friends at last, that one spark started a journey where both parties used words and images to cultivate a deep respect for another's point of view when looking at the same thing. Connections like this happen everyday and enable us to understand how critically reflecting on our own biases of seeing the world will ultimately give us a better way of relating and empathizing with others.

It is our hope that The Wall POV Project will serve as a reminder that words create meaning.  And meaning creates purpose.  One seemingly small connection could mean the start of an entire movement towards a purpose of introspection and compassion.

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