The mission of Willow Tree is to monetarily assist

and improve the academic retention of first year college students.


The Willow Tree Scholarship is open to first-year college students or graduating high school seniors attending school in Orange County, California.


Candidates must be enrolled as a full-time college student, or planning to enter their first year of post-secondary education at any two or four-year accredited institution in the United States.


Each year, recipients are awarded a scholarship of $1,000 to be used toward college. Winners of the scholarship will be selected on their ability to express critical ideas that can generate a thoughtful connection with their readers.


- Must have a minimum of 3.0 overall GPA.

- Currently a first-year college student or graduating high school senior attending school in Orange County, California.

- Attending or will attend a college in pursuit of a two or four-year degree in any major.

- Must submit a personal essay answering the given year’s writing prompt (not to exceed 3 double-spaced pages):

2021 Writing Prompt:

Whether as a person with advantages or disadvantages, everyone is affected by systemic racism.  What role does systemic racism play in your life and what can you personally and specifically do to help fix the problem?



- The recipient of the scholarship must attend a two or four year college within six months of receiving the award.
- The recipient is entitled to $1,000 to be used toward the first year of college expenses.
- Candidates who submit a personal essay permit The Wall POV Project the right to solicit the essay to be a part of the “Point of View” educational book series.

DUE DATE: JUNE 8, 2021


The Wall POV Project 501(c)(3) is seeking volunteers to be a part of a screening committee to review and evaluate essays submitted for The Willow Tree Scholarship.


The Wall POV Project’s, “Willow Tree Scholarship,” was established in 2018 in honor of Mr. Lieu Van Pham.  Lieu was a refugee from Vietnam, who upon arriving to the United States worked multiple laborious jobs to support his family of six.  Working during the day and taking college courses at night, Lieu eventually earned an Associates Degree, and later became a technician fixing pagers for a local business.  He kept his custodian position at night, and continued to work two full time jobs for more than twenty-five years. Well educated in a war-torn country, Lieu immensely valued school and frequently reminded his children the value of education.  He expressed that education, knowledge, and free thought were things no one could take away from an individual. The name Lieu means “willow” in Vietnamese and The Willow Tree Scholarship is dedicated to the memory of his adaptability through challenges, and ideals for continual self-growth and learning.

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