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    The Wall POV Project 501(c)(3)  is seeking volunteers to be a part of a screening committee to review and evaluate essays submitted for The Willow Tree Scholarship.  

    Preferred Qualifications for Screeners

    - Bachelor’s Degree or higher

    - Working professional or a student working on an advanced degree

    - Aligned with the goals and mission of the The Wall POV Project - to promote introspection, reflective writing, and connection with others.

    - A writing background is not required or even preferred.  We are looking for screeners who come from all walks of life - with different point of views and different ways of seeing the world. 


    * Managing officers of The Wall POV Project have the discretion of selecting individuals who may not meet one of the requirements listed above.

    Duties of Screeners

    Using a rubric provided by The Wall POV Project, screeners evaluate ten (10) to twenty (20) essays* on the students’ ability to effectively and insightfully answer the given year’s writing prompt (see below).   All evaluation forms are due within three (3) weeks from the time the screener received the essays.

    * 2020 Writing Prompt: “What do you imagine college will look like, and how do you know you will persevere and succeed in higher education?”

    Writing Screener Application