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American Self-Actualization Psychologist, Carl Rogers, once said that “being understood is the most basic human need.”  All humans strive to be understood, relatable, part of a community, and as Carl Rogers put it, attain the highest level of “human beingness” possibly achievable.

Figuratively, to be human means to be able to relate to one another.  In order to relate to one another, the first step is to understand we have the same goals: We all want to be treated fairly, live a balanced state of equity and equality, and engage within a sense of community.


The Wall POV is committed to cultivating a community that endorses qualities of mutual understanding, empathy, and perspective-taking.  We partner with businesses and community programs to offer opportunities for young adults to express empathy, connection, and compassion through their craft.

We are looking for businesses, community programs, and aspiring writers and artists to join in our mission.

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