American Self-Actualization Psychologist, Carl Rogers, once said that “being understood is the most basic human need.”  All humans strive to be understood, relatable, part of a community, and as Carl Rogers put it, attain the highest level of “human beingness” possibly achievable.


Project Human Compass was created to cultivate a community that endorses qualities of mutual understanding, empathy, and connection.  The ability to deeply realize and understand another person’s point of view has always been the solution to cultural challenges and the catalyst to progressive societal change.  Project Human Compass recognizes the pandemic of -isms like systemic racism, and endorses special projects to promote knowledge and understanding of sociocultural patterns.

Arguably, we all want to be treated fairly.  We all want an equal voice.  We all want to feel a part of a community at large.  Would you agree that this is our goal and direction?  If we were all lost in a maze by ourselves, with a compass in our hands, no matter where we are standing in that maze, we know how to find our way out, and to each other… but we must have the same goals and direction in mind: Fairness, Equality, Community.  

With a defunct compass, we are lost.


In efforts to combat injustice, imbalance, and inhumanity, art and words are effective tools of turning emotions into something articulate, tangible, and understandable.  More importantly, when used constructively, art and words have the ability to educate and move to societal change and transformation.  


Project Human Compass has partnered with businesses and other programs to offer opportunities for up and coming artists to express their empathy, connection, and compassion for others.  If you would like to participate, find a program under the tab "Project Human Compass" of the main page.  Aligned with The Wall POV Project's intent to cultivate creative expression in both art and written forms, an original written essay or statement between 100 to 200 words must accompany each illustration. 


A percentage of sale proceeds are required to go towards a charity actively fighting for democracy, equality, and justice.  Although the venue has the discretion to decide, the following is a list of charities endorsed by The Wall POV Project:   

Campaign Zero

NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund

American Civil Liberties Union

Color of Change

Girls, Inc.

National Organization for Women

Leadership Conference Education Fund

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