What's your point of view?



The Wall Point of View Project promotes human connection and communication by encouraging individuals to share their personal point of views (POVs) through expressions of language and art.


We provide a platform for aspiring writers and artists to express themselves. Their original work is sold in local venues committed to encouraging people to express culturally relevant yet personal perspectives, in hopes of cultivating dynamic and productive communication between individuals. 


We live in a world where it is increasingly difficult to form empathic connections with one another.  In our lack of effective communication, we often cage our own voices and often find it difficult to express our point of view in meaningful dialogue with others.  


The Wall POV Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that encourages individuals to express themselves in an introspective, compassionate, and empathetic manner.  Walls filled with art and words are publicly displayed in venues with the purpose of connecting content with people - promoting self-awareness of how we think and feel about relevant life topics, and allow us to digest how we are all somehow interrelated in thoughts and emotions.  

It is our hope that expressions of art, both graphic and literal, can unearth different perspectives that will encourage us to effectively and deeply relate with one another. As society continues to witness more conflict and unproductive dialogue, intimate discourses with ourselves, and outwardly with others, are needed today more than ever.