Project Poke was established in 2016 as a trendsetting, go-to poke destination in Fountain Valley, California.  It quickly gained attraction and interest from locals and tourists alike after introducing the sushi donut and going viral on social media, with features from The Try GuysInsider Food, Tastemade, and Foodbeast.


With a team of fewer than 20 people, this small business strives to make a big impact in its community through serving good food, as well as advocating for learning, education, and creative expression.  You can learn more about Project Poke by visiting their website at


Words from Project Poke


Systemic Racism.  These were the words I wrote on the whiteboard behind me in my first Ethnic Studies course.  It wasn’t the name of the course I was teaching.  However, it was the topic of discussion that will, and has always, framed every class I’ve ever taught.   I built all of my courses around the understanding that unbeknownst to many, racism does not do its most harm through the acts of individuals (i.e. hate crimes).  Racism is built into our cultural systems through laws, jurisdictions, and everyday existence - through our compliance living in a common community.  Whether through advantages or disadvantages, we are all affected by systemic racism and each one of us plays a role in it.  Within 10 minutes into my lecture, I could hear half the class uncomfortably shuffling in their hard plastic seats.  If one is not racist, how does one play a role?  


Imagine a bicycle wheel that is wobbly, imperfect, and imbalanced.  What cyclists refer to as “untrue”.  A “true” wheel is perfectly balanced.  When spun, there is no wobble, no shake.  A wheel that is “untrue” compromises the rider’s trust and safety by throwing the rider off the seat and into the dirt.  It is up to each one of us to provide a wheel that is “true” - a wheel that is balanced, centered, and protects any, and ALL riders.  When we have a justice system that is not “true,” that is, off-balanced, biased to one side, untrustworthy, NO rider is safe on this bike.

Project Poke Summer 2021 T-Shirt Design Contest

Project Poke is looking for a new design for their employee work shirt. The owners have backgrounds in Peace and Justice Studies as well as Ethnic and Race Studies, so it is only natural that they are seeking a design that embraces the ideas of peace, justice, and community.  

The chosen graphic will be voted on and worn by Project Poke employees.  The artist will be invited to display their work on a wall designated for artwork at Project Poke's location in Fountain Valley, CA for a minimum of one month and a maximum of one year.  Shirts may also be sold to the general public within that time frame, with a percentage of sale proceeds going to a charity actively fighting for democracy, equality, and justice. Please refer to the breakdown of percentage revenue sales on t-shirts:

40 % - Artist

40% - Charity

20% - Venue


  1. Candidates must be 18 or over to submit artwork or have a parent sign a written statement giving permission to submit artwork.

  2. Candidates understand that their contribution is voluntary.

  3. Artwork must fit on 8.5x11 paper.

  4. All art mediums are permissible (including original photographs), however, vector designs are preferred for easy screening.

  5. The artist's signature must accompany the graphic in a small font.

  6. Artists must submit an original short essay or statement that further develops the idea behind their design.

  7. Artist must name the artwork in "quotations".

  8. This contest ends on June 30, 2021.

  9. Project Poke reserves the right to work with the artist to change the artwork if needed to better suit the purpose of the restaurant's work uniform.   

  10. Please send any questions and your submission to with "The Wall POV Project" in the subject line.

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